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Unique Event Ideas

Your boss just came to you to plan the annual corporate event. “We want something unique and different this time he says…..What do you do now???”

Red Carpet Extravaganza

Turn your event into the hottest ticket in Hollywood (North)!!! All the top celebrities want to be at your event so… Roll out the red carpet! Your guests will arrive to find paparazzi fawning over them. Everyone loves feeling special and your guests will feel like celebrities as they are hounded down the red carpet by comedy paparazzi with cameras flashing!

Add our “Entertainment Tonight” correspondents and your guests will be asked hilarious questions about Hollywood gossip and their latest public breakdowns!

Add in some Hollywood Celebrities and it’s a Hollywood Party!

*Add 10 screaming fans with cameras, autograph books and boundless excitement and enthusiasm! No one walks down this red carpet without knowing what it is like to be the focus of extreme attention and excitement!! We aren’t kidding when we say “screaming” fans!

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Red Carpet Extravanganza


An Emcee (whether character or straight) rolls with the punches and keeps a cool head no matter what. Actors Unlimited Entertainment provides experienced, professional Emcees who have taken the mic for a long list of high-profile events in Vancouver and around North America. They have worked with well-known corporations for years and have never failed to provide what a great Emcee provides: perfect-timing, an entertaining through-line and peace of mind for the event planners.

Examples of past clients include: the Opening Ceremonies for NATO, the Alcan Dragon boat Festival in Vancouver, TV Week Magazine, the TELUS 2007 national sales

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Improv Unlimited

Our award-winning comedians know how to grab the crowd fast and then dazzle them with a comedy ride that’s full of action, audience participation and belly laughs. Improv Unlimited is another guaranteed crowd pleasr that has generated worldwide applause, praise and recommendations from over two hundred shows. Besides its dependability as a crowd-pleaser, Improv Unlimited is a perfect choice for special events because the AUE crew can tailor-make the content to fit each event’s theme and client.

One of the bescomedy shows in existence*, Improv Unlimited is a guaranteed hit!

  • A Sound Operator is recommended for sound effects, exciting music and announcements. The sound operator goes a long way to making the event “an experience”
  • Groups over 125 need sound gear (headset or lapel mics, speakers, stands, receiver, cables, etc). We have gear we can provide at below rental price.

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Improv Unlimited

*Overly Gratuitous Bold Claim


We can test your group’s knowledge of anything from standard Jeopardy questions to tailor-made categories for your organization. Lots of fun, tons of laughs and a game show host who will bring you to tears of laughter! Alec has never been this entertaining!

Test your knowledge

Be a contestant on the world famous TV show!


  • Custom built computer software
  • Additional A/V requirements (projector, screen, mics)
  • Perfect for large or small groups
  • Full Jeopardy set (podiums, buzzers, TV wall) available

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Murder Unlimited

Murder Mysteries have had a long and impressive history in interactive entertainment – for a GREAT reason: because when they are done well, they are one of the most successful

interactive shows out there! Actors Unlimited Entertainment was built on the back of these shows and 18 years later we are still immensely proud of our incredibly engaging and overwhelmingly successful murder mysteries. We have created different formats for different client needs so come on in and take a look at what suits you best!

Laugh, interact and have loads of fun solving the murder. Guaranteed laughs for the night, and for weeks after.


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Murder Unlimited

Murder U

Approx show time: 90 mins


Actors will arrive and contact you approximately 30 minutes before the expected start time. You will need to show them the room you’ve arranged for them to prepare in (not a washroom, please).


ATOM – male JOHNNY RAVOLTA – male DAN BRAN – male
MOLLY – female WYATT TWERP – female or male CHEF MARIE – female
    MISTY RIVER – female

Ready to Start?

10 minutes before you are ready to begin the mystery, bring all the suspects to the room where the actors will prepare them for the evening’s fun!

The Fun Begins!

The actors need no introduction! They will enter immediately and involve your group in the mystery.

Your group will be given the background of the mystery and be split into teams.

They will be indoctrinated as ‘junior detectives’ and given detective kits. They will then meet the costumed suspects one by one and hear a preliminary questioning by the senior detectives.

* The Ski Chalet is best for large groups

But Wait, There’s More!

Your junior detecting teams will be set loose on the suspects. The suspects each read their information from a sheet of paper and their stories all overlap!! You and your team can split up, each question a suspect, then return and compile your information.

You are also welcome to test your theory with that of the senior detectives who are wandering about keeping an eye on the situation.

Elementary My Dear…

After 40 minutes of chasing down suspects, the senior detectives will announce that they have solved the crime.

Teams will have 5 minutes to write down their solutions : WHO… HOW… WHY on the “suspectus” sheets provided by us.

The suspects change from their costumes and return to the main room. After the detectives collect all the answers, they will engage in an ‘edge of your seat nail-biting’ DENOUEMENT! Then some funny answers are read out and finally the winning answer is read and the team is presented with a prize (if you choose)

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Murder U

Roving Mounties

When your guests arrive, they will be greeted by some of Canada’s ?nest RCMP… “Studley DooRight and Dudley DooWrong.” These 2 Mounties will get your group laughing right from the get-go with their funny Canadian trivia questions, crazy citations, wacky photo-ops, off the (hand)cuff comments and even the infamous Mountie strip-search!!! These Mounties have their own motto “We always get our laugh!” A guaranteed way of starting your event off with a bang!

If the client wants serious Mounties instead, no problem! Our antics can be “put away” and in their place you will have Mounties who will encourage your guests to ask “Where are your horses?” And “What exactly are the Mounties? Do you always wear this uniform?”

With over 18 years of experience with providing mounties for a huge array of clients, we could not be more con?dent that we will start your event off with a welcome bang!

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Roving Mounties

Celebrity Spoofs

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Some of our Celebrity Spoofs

The Ultimate Game Show


At a prearranged time and signal, our two comic actors will ambush your session by launching directly into an improvised game show!

Our two characters – a Game Show Host and Vanna White’s Agent will connect with your audience by asking funny and/or seminar relevant questions to get your members participating and laughing in their seats. From celebrity body parts to topics from the planning session, the audience will comically challenged to think outside of the box, inside the box and without even using a box!

Once in the room, the characters will announce who they are (the Vanna White Agent’s character – a man – will be dressed in wig and smoking a cigar with full make up) and launch directly into the game show format – letting the audience figure out how the scoring works and how to participate as part of the structured fun.

In order to participate, people from the audience need to jump up and hit the buzzer to get access to answering the questions. Once they are out of their seats, the real fun begins with a series of hilarious improv questions to keep the game fun and fast moving.

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The Ultimate Game Show

Undercover Waiters

These secret servers will show up and effortlessly blend in with the real serving staff: same uniforms, same name tags, same jobs: but BIG difference!

For the first 20 minutes they will appear to be simply bussing tables and refilling glasses. At the end of this first segment, your guests will be convinced that our “plants” are there to serve. When the set-up is complete, we’ll take it up a notch: some cutlery may crash to the ground, a glass of water could be spilled…a table might “accidentally overhear one of the waiters being chewed out for drinking on the job” etc.

From that point on, our undercover waiters start gradually upping the ante: flirting with a guest or sitting down at a table to share bizarre anecdotes while nibbling on a bun! Your guests might even overhear one our pranksters breaking up with his girlfriend on his cell while pouring your drink…the list is endless.

When the moment is absolutely perfect, it’s time for the finale and the “reveal”…the hilarious disaster that you get to select with our creative team before the event – from classic slapstick to edgy or completely customized for your group. Then the waiters reveal their true identities and the ro om dissolves in an explosion of laughter and applause.

Everyone loves gettin g got – and everyone will remember your unique choice of entertainment! We call this retroactive entertainment because once the prank is exposed, your group will be having lots of “Aha!” moment as they work backwards through the event’s performance and realize after the fact that they were involved in a show all along… Not so bad for the group that has seen it all!

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Undercover Waiters

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